Corporate Social Responsibility
art of life

The non-profit organization «The Art of Life» was founded in 2014 by Fay, Elena and George Barbalias to commemorate the memory of their father, Elias G. Barbalias, who passed away that year.

The name of the organization is based on Elias G. Barbalias’ motto that “if I believe in any form of art, this is the art of Life and to that belief I have devoted myself”. Elias Barbalias’ answer to the profound question “Whether Life itself or What we leave behind is prevailing” it was “Definitely Life”. This is the way Elias G. Barbalias lived and this is what he taught to his three children through the power of the example.

Based on the above way of living, the «Art of Life» is active in many notable and miscellaneous sectors and contributes dynamically wherever it can.

Its basic sector is the support of the prevention of breast cancer, due to the fact that one of the founders was diagnosed with this specific form of cancer at a very young age and wishes to provide the potential for young girls to not neglect the preventive care and the importance of the early prognosis.

Another sector, beyond the boundaries of health and medicine, but related to the enhancement of the quality of life of the city residents, is the occupation with the improvement of the historical center of Athens through ways of boosting the green spaces by promoting the planting of the terraces and the aesthetical and functional upgrading of small scale public spaces.

Moreover, another goal of the organization is the administration of scholarships in the memory of Elias G. Barbalias for undergraduate and post-graduate architecture studies at foreign and Greek universities.

Additionally, "Art of Life" has contributed essentially to the assistance of recognized foundations and non-profit organizations that are mainly active in the sectors of health, provision of housing for the needed, the care of elderly people and education. "Art of Life" has also focused in the aid of smaller organizations, which are unknown to the wider public and are struggling to support athleticism, the environment and music etc.